• Revolutionizing Aircrew training through virtual reality

    A new virtual reality trainer is one step closer to potentially transforming the way B-52 Stratofortress student pilots train for combat. The Virtual Reality Procedures Trainer, released during a milestone demonstration of its capabilities July 7 at StrikeWerx in Bossier City, Louisiana, may even change the entire Air Force bomber community’s approach to training.
  • Air Force building more inclusive culture through Dress and Appearance updates

    The changes, as outlined in an Air Force Guidance Memorandum dated July 1, 2020, include the removal of subjective language and other rules that may have been creating unintentional or unfair barriers for Air and Space Force uniformed members.
  • Friendly reminders for election season

    Election season is right around the corner, and the political races are about to heat up as we get closer to the day of voting in November. Here is an article reminding Air Force members what is allowed and not allowed if they decide to participate in political activities.
  • COMMENTARY: A Pandemic, Groundhog Day, and our Core Values - Lessons Learned

    These days may seem like the movie Groundhog Day where we are faced with the seemingly never-ending daily challenges and restrictions caused by a global pandemic. In the 1993 comedy, weatherman Phil Conners (played by Bill Murray) wakes up to relive the same day over and over. At first, he is frustrated and upset with his situation that prevents him from moving forward. However, through self-reflection, embracing the world around him, and adjusting his priorities, he discovers how to overcome his Groundhog Day by adapting his mindset.
  • Tricare Reserve Select termination explained

    For Airmen enrolled in Tricare Reserve Select, there has been a change over the last 60 days on Tricare coverage payments due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ability to request reinstatement if needed due to miscommunication of policy guidelines.The June 16 policy change stated Tricare “will delay terminating coverage for one month beyond the last
  • Spark Tank 2021 encourages leadership to support Airmen ideas

    Spark Tank, a collaboration between AFWERX and Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force, Management, is now accepting submissions for the 2021 campaign from July 1 to October 16.
  • Facing danger with compassion

    Standing at 6’1” with a dark complexion and arms covered in tattoos, an engine mechanic can be found wearing a Seattle Seahawks cap hidden in one of Davis-Monthan’s shop.At first glance, an intimidating silhouette torqueing a wrench working on an aircraft engine in the distance, but once near him, a smile greets upcoming Airmen and co-workers.
  • 16 year journey: Master Sgt. to officer

    2nd Lt. Russell Moyer, assigned as a 307th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron officer, has never let hardships limit him from achieving his goals. Even when faced with barriers, he continued to persist and sharpen his leadership skills in order to take care of those around him.
  • Positive attitude leads Airman to success

    “If you have a mindset that stays positive, willing to adapt, you will definitely overcome.”Staff Sgt. Shutyame Maryl Lisa, 380th Expeditionary Medical Group laboratory technician, shares her advice from her life experiences with Airmen who may be going through a tough time.Maryl Lisa needed to have a positive mindset, especially since she was one
  • Commentary: Keeping safe during water activities amid a pandemic

    Natural bodies of water are becoming more popular, warranting a look into how we mitigate the risks involved with not only our close proximity to others, but the hazards lurking in the water.