• HARB historian wins Reserve Heritage Award

    Congratulations to the following 2021 Air Force Reserve History Program awards winners.The Air Force Reserve Outstanding Individual Unit History award recognizes independent group and wing historians who submitted an on-time periodic history report that exceeded standards during the past calendar

  • 419th validates Agile Combat Employment during Sentry Savannah

    SAVANNAH, Ga. – Air Force reservists in the 419th Fighter Wing are simulating a futuristic, fast-paced deployment using new techniques during Sentry Savannah, a large military exercise that kicked off here May 2.Hosted by the Air National Guard’s Air Dominance Center, Sentry Savannah is a total

  • Top Intelligence Chiefs Testify on Global Threats

    Two top U.S. intelligence officials testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee on global threats to the United States and its allies emanating from China, Russia and Iran, as well as terrorist organizations.

  • Hurricane season starts June 1, time to prepare

    For the last few years, we’ve been fortunate enough to have avoided hurricane strikes, despite the record number of Atlantic storms over that time. Last year, we had a scare with Tropical Storm Fred and then another with Hurricane Elsa, but they were both near misses, and Miami-Dade County was

  • Hill reservists receive valuable training at exercise in Georgia

    SAVANNAH, Ga. – Sentry Savannah 2022, held during the first two weeks of May, gives U.S. Air Force active duty, Air National Guard, and Reserve Airmen the opportunity to demonstrate readiness and deployment capabilities.Sentry Savannah not only trains and tests the counter-air capabilities of the

  • AI-Powered App Aims to Discover Talent in Guard, Reserve

    Members of the Reserve and National Guard are highly skilled across a variety of private-sector industries and have the potential to make substantial contributions to Defense Department missions, a DOD official said.