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  • The Awesome Airmen in 10th

    As I travel around the 10th Air Force AOR the one common ingredient at every location is the incredible caliber of our Airmen. From the 10th Air Force Staff to our Airmen working in all areas of Power and Vigilance, the professionalism, dedication and sacrifice to the mission is eye-watering. Our Reserve Airmen define Total Force as they serve side
  • Never saw this coming: Lessons learned in trying times

    I had the world by the tail: U. S. Air Force Academy graduate, Air Force pilot, six-time commander, 30-year Air Force career, and two stars; fit, healthy and strong. But subtle problems appeared out of nowhere: occasional vertigo, mild persistent headaches, cognitive challenges, having to stop during a hard run. I went to see the flight surgeon and
  • So what about the 10th AF Readiness Focus?

    For 20 years our Air Force Reserve has served side by side with the active component, our sister services and collation partners to defeat our enemies. We are no doubt battle hardened and deployment savvy. So, how does the Power and Vigilance numbered Air Force transition to a readiness focus without losing our edge or combat capabilities? First,
  • When suicide happens in your unit

    Suicide has been the focus of Air Force Leadership recently and is an issue we must pay close attention to and learn more about.We don't want to think it will happen to someone we know, are close to, work with or even love. But unfortunately it does happen and when it does, the result can be pain, sorrow, guilt and regret.It's hard to think someone
  • Understanding Air Force Smart Ops for the 21st Century

    As our UCI quickly approaches, it is imperative that Airman understand the Air Force Smart Ops for the 21st Century (AFSO21). This communal database will showcase best practices and problem-solve imperative issues felt throughout the Air Force. AFSO21 uses an eight-step problem-solving model to ensure the subject matter's validity prior to posting