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Honoring our heroes: A message from the commander of the 10th Air Force

  • Published
  • By Chris Wilson 10th Air Force Public Affairs
  • 10th Air Force

As Memorial Day approaches, it is a time for reflection and gratitude within the 10th Air Force community. The commander 10th Air Force extends heartfelt appreciation to all who serve, have served, and will serve in the United States Armed Forces.


Memorial Day, originally known as Decoration Day, has a rich history that dates back to the aftermath of the Civil War. Established as a day of remembrance for those who have died in military service to the country, it was first widely observed on May 30, 1868. The day was marked by decorating the graves of fallen soldiers with flowers, a tradition that continues to this day. In 1971, Memorial Day was declared a national holiday by an act of Congress, to be observed on the last Monday in May.


"This solemn day serves as a reminder of the ultimate sacrifice made by countless brave men and women in defense of our nation's freedoms," Maj. Gen. Gina Sabric, commander, 10th Air Force. "It is a time for us to honor their memory and to reflect on the values of courage, dedication, and patriotism that they embodied."


The 10th Air Force has a legacy of service and sacrifice. Since its establishment in 1942, its personnel have played crucial roles in numerous operations and conflicts, always demonstrating exceptional commitment and valor. Today, Airmen of the 10th Air Force continue this proud tradition, upholding the highest standards of excellence in every mission.


"To all members of 10th Air Force, past and present, I sincerely thank you for your unwavering dedication," Chief Master Sgt. Christopher Bluto, command chief, 10th Air Force. "Your service and sacrifices are deeply appreciated and will never be forgotten. To the families, friends, coworkers and civilian employers of our fallen heroes, we owe a debt of gratitude that words could never express. Your loved ones’ legacy lives on through their immeasurable contributions to our nation's security and freedom."


As Memorial Day is observed, it is a moment to remember and honor those who have given their lives in service to the country. Their bravery and selflessness are the bedrock of the nation’s strength.


"In their memory, we are reminded of the profound cost of freedom and the enduring spirit of those who fight to protect it," said Sabric. "We must strive to live up to their example every day and ensure that their sacrifices were not in vain."


Together, the 10th Air Force honors the past, upholds the present, and inspires the future.