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  • How to enhance your sleep hygiene

    Health Promotion at Hill Air Force Base offers a monthly class called Healthier Sleep Healthier You, and since virtually 30 percent of your life will be spent sleeping, I strongly recommend you come in and brush up on health sleep hygiene practices.
  • Sleep stages and their importance to your health

    Through the night your body should follow through 4-5 cycles of predictable stages of sleep, designed to optimize your mental and physical recovery.
  • Quality sleep is key to your performance

    Many professional athletes have recently disclosed components to their secret formulas for success and athletic longevity. One key element found within each athletes’ concoction is the consistent need for 7-9 hours of sleep each and every night of the week.
  • Healthier sleep, healthier you!

    For years individuals have boasted about getting little sleep and still making it to the gym by zero-dark thirty. Any believe insufficient sleep has little negative impact on performance in the gym as well as at the office.