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The Awesome Airmen in 10th

  • Published
  • By Brig. Gen. William B. Binger
  • Commander, 10th Air Force
As I travel around the 10th Air Force AOR the one common ingredient at every location is the incredible caliber of our Airmen. From the 10th Air Force Staff to our Airmen working in all areas of Power and Vigilance, the professionalism, dedication and sacrifice to the mission is eye-watering.

Our Reserve Airmen define Total Force as they serve side by side with the active component. Both active and classic associations give our Air Force access to Reserve experience and iron.

The contribution of Reserve Airmen directly increases the capability and capacity of our Air Force to generate combat power in space, cyber, fighter, bomber, command and control, special operations, rescue, test and remotely-piloted aircraft operations.

This year 10th Air Force will gain three active associations. Active component Airmen will associate in A-10 and F-16 operations and maintenance with the 301st, 442nd and 482nd Fighter Wings.

We will see the stand up of a new cyber group in San Antonio as we increase our capability and footprint in cyber operations. Air Force requirements within Special Operations and RPAs will increase our opportunities in these mission areas as well.

As the 10th Air Force headquarters staff continues to downsize to 62 Airmen and Civilians, the quality of our Airmen will be emphasized. Our focus on readiness - mission, functional and inspection - demands the best of the best to lead our Power and Vigilance Numbered Air Force, and I'm confident we will be up to the task.

I am very proud of the Airmen in 10th as they continue to accomplish amazing things daily. I am honored to be serving with you and look forward to continued mission success and dominance in Air, Space and Cyber operations.

Good Hunting...