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943d Security Forces integrate training with combat search and rescue mission

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Nicole Koreen, 943d Rescue Group Public Affairs

The 943d Security Forces Squadron partnered with the 305th Rescue Squadron to complete a four-day training exercise Feb. 2–5, integrating training of SFS Airmen into combat search and rescue operations here.

During this exercise, the 943d SFS and 943d Rescue Group Airmen worked together to ensure the Airmen would be prepared to carry out joint rescue operations.

“The training not only provided necessary skills to our defenders, but it really highlighted who our true leaders are. It’s been great to see the growth through this training program and to be able to integrate with other units while bringing capability and lethality to the fight,” said Lt. Col. Joseph Romeo, 943d SFS commander.

The exercise was developed with a “crawl, walk, run” approach that started with classroom instruction before hands-on familiarization exercises with emphasis on specific mission scenarios, culminating with the Airmen putting the training into practice. 

During the capstone event, 943d SFS Airmen participated in an overnight field operation where they secured a simulated forward deployed location conducive to rescue operations in austere environments.

Met with simulated opposing forces, defenders used an M240 machine gun to suppress the advancing opposition. Using 5-line procedures, an HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter was called in to provide air support to the defenders on the ground. A 5-line request is a call made to quickly communicate to air assets pertinent information, such as a target’s general position, description and ordnance requested. ​

The defenders then made 9-line medical evacuation calls. A 9-line call is structured to give rescue assets vital information necessary to plan rescue missions. Once the search and rescue helicopter was on scene for medical evacuation, the defenders were hoisted from the simulated battlefield, ending the training scenario.

 “With our ACE initiatives, we are able to work within the 920th Rescue Wing’s combat search and rescue mission set. By incorporating SFS defenders and transforming them into ‘Rescue Defenders’, this allows us to be a force multiplier for air base ground defense, rescue, and the projection of air power,” said Romeo.

The mission of the 943d SFS is to provide the most highly effective, cohesive, and disciplined security force defender professionals in the world. Able to deploy anytime, anywhere, to defend and protect American servicemen and our allies.

The 943d SFS is part of the 943d RQG and is a geographically separated unit of the 920th Rescue Wing. The 943d RQG trains and equips its Airmen who carry out its mission, to search for, locate and recover U.S. Armed Forces personnel during military operations. Air Force rescue is the only DoD entity specifically organized, trained and equipped to conduct personnel recovery operations into hostile or denied areas as a primary mission.