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301 FW hosts the 2022 Patriot Games

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Randall Moose

 The 301st Fighter Wing hosted the Patriot Games here Sept. 11. The event showcased resiliency, competition and gave Airmen the opportunity to connect.  

The Patriot Games was a fun-filled, moral event held by the Resiliency Training, RTA, committee. The day gave Reserve Citizen Airmen the chance to reflect, show unit pride and spend the day with their wingman.  

“We’ve worked really hard over the last several years and through setbacks during COVID-19,” said Col. Allen Duckworth, the 301st FW commander. “Today is a great time to be together, compete with each other, and come back together for fellowship and camaraderie.” 

In his opening remarks Duckworth reminded participants to honor those who were injured or died during the attacks on Sept. 11. 

“We remember what happened today over two decades ago,” said Duckworth. “All those who were lost and all those who continue to fight.” 


Chief Master Sgt. Michael Senigo, the 301st FW command chief, stressed the importance of resiliency and taking care of Airmen. 

“Much like a race car, we are always pushing ourselves over the rev limit,” said Senigo. “Between work, training, COVID and our personal lives, it is too easy to forget to take care of ourselves. Today, we are intentionally taking a step away from our offices to refocus. I want every Airman to understand that we recognize their hard work and determination to carry their mission.” 

The rest of the day included a guest speaker, John Wolfe, games such as MOPP gear relay, and lunch. 

The games were carefully selected by the RTA committee to promote elements of the 301st FW mission and team building throughout the wing. 

“It has been a while since we had a moment to come together like this,” said Jimm Harper, 301st FW RTA. “We are bringing our family together to remind everyone how we each contribute to our mission to train and deploy combat ready airmen.”