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Officials: Capstone our time to shine

No stone unturned

Members of the 919th Special Operations Wing will undergo a Capstone event as part of a Unit Effective Inspection from June 27 to July 2, 2019 at Duke Field, Fla. The Capstone visit culminates a two-year assessment by inspectors from Air Force Reserve Command to determin how well the 919th SOW is managing resources and complying with Air Force policies while performing their mission. (U.S. Air Force photo by Lt. Col. James R. Wilson)

DUKE FIELD, Fla. -- The Air Force Reserve Command Inspector General team is scheduled to visit the 919th Special Operations Wing to conduct a Unit Effectiveness Inspection from June 27 to July 2, 2019.

“AFRC is looking forward to seeing our professionalism firsthand and evaluating the hard work that has earned the 919th SOW its great reputation,” said Col. Frank “Les” Bradfield III, 919th SOW commander.

As part of the UEI Capstone visit, inspectors will assess the four Major Graded Areas: managing resources, leading people, improving the unit and executing the mission.

Airmen might be wondering what extra effort should be geared toward the inspection which is now approximately six months out.

“The key to our successful Commander’s Inspection Program is for units to embrace, synergize and apply the concepts of Continual Self-Assessment and Continuous Process Improvement to prevent undetected non-compliance,” said Lt. Col. Christa Machado, director of inspections for the 919th SOW Inspector General’s office. “No preparation is needed - every Airman is a sensor and should always work to be the subject matter expert at what they do.”

During the UEI, Airman can expect a different approach to inspections than in years past.

Under the current inspection system, the intent is to continuously improve the Air Force Inspection System so there is an ever-shrinking difference (both real and perceived) between mission readiness and inspection readiness.

“When we are ‘Mission Ready,’ we are always ‘Inspection Ready!’” said Machado.

Through unit self-assessments, Airmen have the opportunity to identify and report any limiting factors or constraints that impact readiness and prevent them from meeting requirements. This, in turn, allows commanders and leadership to advocate for the resources units need to effectively accomplish their mission.

Officials have a straight forward message for anyone approached by the AFRC IG during the inspection.

“Be yourself!” said Machado. “Be courteous and, as the subject matter expert, provide honest answers that demonstrate your 919th SOW pride and Citizen Air Commando Ethos!”

Part of the UEI involves a comprehensive opinion survey, which will take inputs from both Airmen and civilian employees assigned to the wing. The purpose of the survey is to provide leadership with first-hand insight and to help paint a picture of the status of the wing.

“I invite you to take a few moments and complete the UEI survey,” Bradfield said.

The survey is also open to spouses, and the commander encouraged Airmen to share the survey link with their families.

“The opinions of your spouses are greatly valued, and specific questions have been developed for them—please feel free to forward the survey for their use,” he said.

The survey is currently open and will be available until the end of the duty day on Wednesday, Mar. 27, 2019. Participants can expect to complete the questionnaire in approximately 20 minutes.

Open and candid feedback is key to the effectiveness of the survey, Bradfield said.

“Please be honest in all your answers—that will allow for more meaningful results for our wing,” the commander explained. “All of the information you provide is protected through Inspector General channels, and none of your answers or data will be released.”

The survey can be accessed at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/919SOW18.