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September Commentary

In the September Commentary, Maj. Get. Miller discusses the end of Fiscal Year 2018 and the opportunities in Fiscal Year 2019. He also goes around the command to discuss success and achievements of 10th Air Force units and reserve Citizen Airmen.

Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base, Texas -- As we close out Fiscal Year 2018, I have to reflect on what a remarkable year it has been! Command Chief Loper and I have hit all of our wings and direct reporting units in the last 16 months. This has allowed us to get out and see our vast mission sets in action and meet the Reserve Citizen Airmen who make the mission happen, whether they are TRs, ARTs, AGRs or Civilians

We just completed Red Flag Alaska which is an opportunity for our 10th Air Force reserve Citizen Airmen to integrate with our active duty partners as well as Navy, Marines, Army and ally forces.

We also completed Combat Hammer which tests our Weapon System Evaluation Program and ensures our air frames are able to perform properly.

These two exercises took place while we continue to deploy and re-deploy our reserve citizen airmen all across the globe in response to contingency operations.

Next we'd like to recognize our units and the exceptional jobs they do.

The 920th Rescue Wing was recognized at the Royal International Air Tattoo, where their helicopter from the 943rd Rescue Group at Davis Monthan AFB, Arizona was awarded first place for static displays. This helicopter was the one used to rescue “Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrell from the mountains of Afghanistan.

Sticking with the 920th Rescue Wing, their “other” geographically separated unit, the 304th Rescue Squadron just conducted another rescue on Mount Hood. This marks their 7th save this year and they are credited with 3 assists as well. They are a huge asset, not only to our Air Force, but to the nation.

The 307th Bomb Wing who helped the Navy certify the MK 164 Mine Flight Gear Kit. These mines show the versatility of our B-52, which has multiple maritime capabilities.

The 307th Bomb Wing also has some Airmen doing outstanding things! Master Sgt. Dennis Varnado is credited with saving a coworker’s life when he passed out in a vehicle and stopped breathing. In another, unrelated event, Sgt. Varnado helped save a B-52 when its brakes caught fire while off station. Another 307th hero is Command Chief Shelley Cohen is credited with saving a life after applying the lessons she learned during the Self-Aid and Buddy Care course.

TSgt Jared Jeppsen 419th Security Forces Squadron represented the Air Force Reserve during the International Bavarian Military Competition in Lagerlechfeld, Germany. He and his team brought home the Gold. Also from the 419th Fighter Wing, but in the 67th Aerial Port Squadron, Capt. Sterling Broadhead was part of an elite team of athletes who earned a silver medal during the 2018 Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers Military Skills Competition in Quebec City, Canada.

The 926th Wing’s 26th Space Aggressors Squadron along with their active duty counterpart the 527th SAS, recognized as AFRC 2018 Gen. Mark A. Welsh III One Air Force Award nominee for demonstrating operational readiness and mission accomplishment.

Staying in Colorado Springs, but switching to the 310th Space Wing, the 7th Space Operations Squadron celebrated its 25th Anniversary. Working hand in hand with their active duty counterparts they conduct launch and early orbit checkout, proficiency and disposal operations for GPS and DSP satellites.

These accomplishments highlight the outstanding Reserve Citizen Airmen we have in Tenth Air Force, but also the incredible jobs they do in service to our nation.

We’ve celebrated the Air Force Reserve’s 70th Birthday, but this month the Air Force turns 71, we might be the youngest branch, but we bring a lot to the fight.

November is Military Family Month – Make sure you thank those who support you, and thank you to those units putting something special together to highlight this important month.

Our Tenth Air Force units are doing amazing work to increase their effectiveness and ensuring we are …ALWAYS THERE!