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Presidential Award for Extraordinary Efforts to Combat Trafficking in Persons

This graphic highlights which uploaded articles to the website are also in myPers.

This graphic highlights which uploaded articles to the website are also in myPers.

The Presidential Award for Extraordinary Efforts to Combat Trafficking in Persons is presented annually by the Secretary of State to no more than five individuals or organizations in recognition of extraordinary efforts to combat trafficking of persons.

The Air Force will nominate one individual or organization that has been selected through the internal board process and who demonstrated especially courageous conduct in a unique set of circumstances or in a particular case, by an extended period of sustained achievement; or by particularly innovative efforts in a certain area.

Base all nominations for the 2018 awards on contributions that occur between 30 September 2016 and 1 August 2017.

Eligibility Criteria

Open to all grades/ranks, military and civilian and to all organizations. In order for the nomination to be classified under "extraordinary efforts" the nominee must meet the below criteria. "Extraordinary efforts" in combating trafficking in persons shall be demonstrated by the following:

  • Especially courageous conduct in a unique set of circumstances or in a particular case
  • An extended period of sustained achievement
  • Particularly innovative efforts in a certain area, such as in one of the U.S. Government's "Four P's" of counter-trafficking: prosecution, protection, prevention, and partnership

Nomination Package


The format, outlined below, must be used. This action will be performed on one single continuing Microsoft Word document:


Name of Nominee

Provide a brief summary here (two to three paragraphs) of the nominee’s extraordinary efforts to combat trafficking.


This section should detail all salient information that supports the nomination. It should not read like a biography, but be focused on anti-trafficking and related efforts that would make them eligible to receive an award from the President. The below questions can be used to help strengthen nomination packages.

  • Did he/she partner with other commands, organizations, or local law enforcement?
  • What issues were corrected as a result of his/her action?
  • How did his/her action impact the Air Force's ability to prevent or prosecute trafficking offenses, or protect victims? (Provide specific data to support the claim)

Include any relevant awards, publications, testimony, and media recognition, as applicable.

The justification should be at least one page, but no more than three pages. Type should be Times New Roman, size 14 font.

Proposed Citation

A citation limited to no less than 50 words and no more than 70 words (not including opening and closing statements). The citation should include specific examples of the act or services provided. Refer to AFI 36-2805, Special Trophies and Awards, Attachment 3, for format. Do not send a scanned PDF document.

**Acronyms are not authorized in the citation.

Sample of act or services proved for citation: For [nominee’s] unending support in the fight against human trafficking and for bringing a greater awareness of the issue to the procurement community in an effort to see an end to human trafficking.

Recommendation Letter

A recommendation letter signed by the MAJCOM/COCOM/FOA/DRU commander, vice commander, or executive director also stating that "A records check was conducted on (date) and revealed no information that would bring discredit to the award or the United States Air Force." This may be delegated to the A1 directors by the MAJCOM/COCOM/FOA/DRU commander.

Public Release Statement

Addressed to Air Force Personnel Center Recognition Programs Section (AFPC/DP1SSP, afpc.dp1ssp.recognitionprocess@us.af.mil). Each nominee must sign a public release statement that reads verbatim: "I do or do not (circle one) agree to the use of Privacy Act information in the nomination narrative. This information may include Privacy information or personally identifiable information found in Air Force Instruction 33-332, Air Force Privacy and Civil Liberties Program, Chapter two, Privacy Act. I understand those transmitting personal information via email will exercise caution and adequately safeguard it in accordance with AFI 33-332, paragraphs 2.5 and subparagraphs. The announcement message or any publicity regarding the award nomination will contain no privacy act information other than name, rank, and base of assignment." The nominee must sign and date this statement.


Organizations and base-level personnel must contact their Major Command (MAJCOM), Combatant Commands (COCOM), Field Operating Agency (FOA), Direct Reporting Unit (DRU), or MAJCOM equivalent for applicable suspense date and for additional information regarding nomination procedures.

If your nomination package is not received by the established suspense date and an extension has not been approved, the nomination package will not be considered and will be returned with no action.

Each MAJCOM/COCOM/FOA/DRU may submit one nomination. Send nominations in original format to:(AFPC/DP1SSP, afpc.dp1ssp.recognitionprocess@us.af.mil). The only scanned documents we will accept are those with signatures, such as, endorsement letters and public release statements. All other documents should be in Microsoft Word document format.