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710th Combat Operations Squadron


The mission of the 710th Combat Operations Squadron, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia, is to provide trained, combat mission ready air operations center warriors to the U.S. Central Command Combined Forces Air Component Commander. The 710th is aligned to U.S. Air Forces Central Command. When deployed, 710th Combat Operations Squadron members provide continuity and expertise to augment the active duty air operations center force. The 710th is assigned to the 610th Air Operations Group, March Air Reserve Base, California.

Parent Command: Air Force Reserve Command (10th Air Force)

Gaining Command: Air Combat Command

Subordinate Units: Detachment 1, 710th Combat Operations Squadron, Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina

Mission Platform: The AN/USQ-163 Air Operations Center weapon system is the senior element of the theater air control system. It provides the Combined Forces Air Component Commander with the capability to plan, task, execute and assess airpower and space power in support of the Combined Force Commander's campaign plan. 

Personnel: 130 authorized including Traditional Reservists, Active Guard Reservists, Air Reserve Technicians, DoD Civilians, and Contractors

Major Operational Participation: Operations Enduring Freedom 2004-2014, Freedom Sentinel 2014-Present, Inherent Resolve 2014-Present, Iraqi Freedom 2004-2010, and New Dawn 2010-2011. 

Exercises Support: Air and Missile Defense Exercise, Ardent Sentry, Austere Challenge, Blue Flag, Eager Lion, Eagle Resolve, Internal, Red Flag, Key Resolve, Neptune Falcon, Pacific Sentry, Terminal Fury, Ulchi Freedom Guardian, and Virtual Flag.

Unit Awards: Air Force Outstanding Unit Award

Unit History: The 710th Combat Operations Squadron was activated on March 1, 2004, at Langley Air Force Base, Virginia. The squadron is one of the Air Force Reserve Command's two air operations center augmentation units. The 710th Combat Operations Center Detachment 1 was activated on Sept. 1, 2017 at Shaw Air Force Base, as a total force partner with the 609th Air Operations Center and U.S. Air Forces Central Command through the 609th Air Operations Center Detachment 1.

(Current as of August 2019)